Zoning Hearing Board

THE APPLICATION OF CAMPANELLA KENNETT LLC. The subject parcel is UPI No. 61-5-101 also known as 583 Unionville Road. The subject parcel is owned by the Applicant, is 2.2 acres in area, and is located in the R-B Residential District of the Township. The Applicant seeks variances from the following sections of the East Marlborough Township Zoning Ordinance to permit the expansion of an automotive repair and service business, which is an existing non-conforming commercial use on the property: §503.C (Lot Coverage) to permit an increase in lot coverage from 23.8% existing lot coverage to 37.1% lot coverage where 10% is the maximum permitted lot coverage; §503.D (Front Yard) to permit a front yard setback of 74.06 feet where 75 feet is the required front yard setback; §1809.A.3 (Use Regulations) to permit disturbance of 35.5% of steep slope margins where 20% is the maximum permitted disturbance; §1812.A.1.a.v.(Parking) to permit parking spaces to be located within the Front Yard setback area, where they are otherwise not permitted; §1812.A.1.b.xvi.(Requirements) to permit the property to have 37 parking spaces, where 56 parking spaces are required; and §1812.C.2 (Landscaping) which requires landscaping and maintenance of ten percent of the paved area of the parking lot. The Applicant also seeks a special exception pursuant to §1901.B (Extension or Enlargement) to permit the enlargement of a non-conforming use, as well as a variance from §1901.B.2 to permit the enlargement of a non-conforming use by 149.6% where 50% is the maximum permitted enlargement; and §1901.B.2 to permit the expansion of the existing building on the property which will not conform to the area, height, and setback regulations of the zoning district; and any other relief that may be necessary.

The Board may consider other such matters as may properly come before it.

All persons desiring to be heard may attend and be heard.  If any person who wishes to attend the meeting has a disability and/or requires auxiliary aid, service or other accommodation to observe or participate in the proceedings, please contact the Township Manager at 610-444-0725 to discuss how those needs may be best accommodated.


May 22 2024


7:00 pm


Township Building
721 Unionville Road Kennett Square, PA 19348


East Marlborough Township
(610) 444-0725